Share Your Family History With Ease

The Internet has totally changed family history research by providing access to millions of records that used to only be available by visiting the holder of the records or applying for access to records via traditional mail. It has also allowed individuals to share their own information online and connect with family members who, in some cases, they didn’t know of previously.

The biggest barrier for most people is the technology barrier. That is why this service has been created – to assist other family history buffs to share their information and photographs and provide the means for other people who are interested in your family to connect with you and share their information.

The service includes:

  • The initial setup of your blog (it will look just like this one) including the uploading of photos for the sliding gallery at the top of the page.
  • Your blog will have the ‘About Our Family’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Privacy’ pages.
  • Video training is included – showing you how to add stories and upload your pictures.
  • We go out of our way to help and support you.

You can use your own domain or ours – so if you have never done anything like this before, we have you covered. All you need is some family history and a little bit of enthusiasm!

The cost of the service is just $9.50 per month and there is a 30% discount if you pay annually ($79 per year).

Just one final thing to stress – this service is as much about helping as it is about providing the service. It is operated by family history enthusiasts who are committed to making sure you get your family history information online.